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System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) aka Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM) is Microsoft's Software deployment solution.

SCCM site hierarchy (source)

Discover SCCM servers over the network without authentication.

nslookup.exe type=SRV _mssms_mp_%sitecode%._tcp.corp.local

Look for commanName=SMS in the script results (source).

sudo nmap -vv -n -Pn -T4 --min-rate 1000 -sS -sV --version-intensity 0 --open -p 80,443,445,1433,8530,8531,10123 192.168.0/24
sudo nmap -vv -n -Pn -T4 --min-rate 1000 -sU -sV --version-intensity 0 --open -p 67,68,69,4011,547 192.168.0/24
httpx -title -server -status-code -l ./computers.txt -path /ccm_system_windowsauth/request

Discover SCCM servers via LDAP.

rm -rf ~/.sccmhunter
sccmhunter find -d corp.local -u jdoe -p 'passw0rd' -dc-ip dc01.corp.local
sccmhunter smb -d corp.local -u jdoe -p 'passw0rd' -dc-ip dc01.corp.local
sccmhunter show -users
sccmhunter show -computers
sccmhunter show -smb
([ADSISeacher]('objectClass=mSSMSManagementPoint')).FindAll() | %{$_.Properties}

Get site info on SCCM-managed computer.

PS > Get-WMIObject -Namespace root\ccm -ClassName SMS_Authority
CurrentManagementPoint : sccmmp01.corp.local
Name                   : SMS:CRP
PS > .\SharpSCCM.exe local site-info

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