Application Proxy

30.04.2024 · dadevel

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Azure Application Proxies allow access to on-prem web apps after authentication to Entra and therefore might allow lateral movement to on-prem if the on-prem app has any vulnerabilities.

Example URL:

Application proxies are made of three components:

  • Endpoint: user facing external URL
  • Application Proxy Service: runs in Azure, passes access token to on-prem connector
  • Application Proxy Connector: runs on-prem, communicates with Proxy Service, can leverage Constrained Delegation for apps with Kerberos authentication

As privileged user enumerate applications that have an application proxy configured.

Get-AzureADApplication | %{try {Get-AzureADApplicationProxyApplication -ObjectId $_.ObjectID;$_.DisplayName;$_.ObjectID} catch {}}

Find users and groups assigned to the application as privileged user.

Get-AzureADServicePrincipal -All $true | ?{$_.DisplayName -eq "Finance Management System"}
Import-Module .\Get-ApplicationProxyAssignedUsersAndGroups.ps1
Get-ApplicationProxyAssignedUsersAndGroups -ObjectId $service_principal_guid